COM217 Entertainment SW Design and Development

Here you can find past student works. Each year we have a theme of games and students form a company to create a unique game. Click on each company image for description. And you can view more details including videos from each company’s website.

Final Presentation, 2018 Fall

2018 Fall Section 1: Color

  • The Depth (Game of the Year)

    By Indeed Games

    The Depths is a side-scrolling shoot-em-up and real-time-strategy game inspired by classic arcade SHMUPS such as Gradius, Radiant Silvergun, and Darius. Two players utilize a touch screen to control their submarine as it delves into the depths of the ocean to stop a pipeline leaking toxic oil and save oil-covered sea creatures!

    Company Webpage

  • Color Crusade (Honorable Mention)

    By MicroDream

    Once upon a time in the town of Rhyme and Reason there were two factions that coexisted peacefully. One faction called themselves the Rhymers. They loved color and found beauty in the chaos. The other loved order and found solace in rules. They called themselves the Reasoners. Overtime the two factions found that they could no longer live amongst each other and decided to split the town in two. The Rhymers formed the town of Rhyme on the left side of the river and the Reasoners formed the town of Reason on the right side of the River.  All was well until each side decided that a single river was not enough to separate the two villages; one faction would have to leave the valley. But which one? It’s time for battle… prepare your slingshot!

    Company Webpage

  • Candy Slice (Honorable Mention)

    By Turbo Company

    Candy Slice is the newest, hottest, most addicting game on the market. Candy Slice is a slicing game, meant to play on touch screens for the full effect (however, it can be played on a computer as well). CS is an interactive game where two users battle each other to avoid going to the dentist.

    Company Webpage

  • Dodger (Instructor's recommendation)

    By EEL Inc.

    Dodger is an interactive game where the player is faced with avoiding various professors as a result of not handing in their assignment on time. The player must dodge different professors by distracting them with various objects and successfully avoiding professors until the day has passed. The player must make it through six whole days in order to successfully slide by in the class without getting in trouble for the missing work.

    Company Webpage

2018 Fall Section 2: Color

  • Chameleon Calamity (Game of the Year)

    By SLAM Studios

    Chameleon Calamity is a semi-infinite, co-op runner that encourages you to grab a friend to help you achieve your high score. Your score accumulates points the longer you last in the game as well as by collecting dragonflies.

    Company Webpage

  • Color Bound (Honorable Mention)

    By Elite Games

    Color Bound is a side-scroller multiplayer game where one player controls a bird, attempting to maneuver between storm clouds and evil mutated insects without hitting them while another player simultaneously destroys the insects making it easier for the bird to avoid collision and stay alive. Along the way, the player controlling the bird must collect as many coins as he or she can as these add on to the score. The objective of the game is to achieve the highest possible score. Play with friends and see who gets the highest score!

    Company Webpage

  • Bonzai Pipeline Adventure (Honorable Mention)

    By Chaco Taco Productions

    You’ll play as Big Wave Dave, an environmentalist, who noticed trash being dumped improperly into his home beach of Bonzai Pipeline, right off the North Shore of O’ahu. As Dave prepares and trains for the Olympic debut of surfing in 2020, he finds it more and more difficult to master his surfing skills with the increased presence of trash and other garbage in his home waters. It’s your task to maneuver Dave around a rock, shark, and stone filled waters and collect the floating pieces of garbage, and be careful, you only have three lives! As you collect trash, your score will increase and you will clean up Bonzai Pipeline so that the color of the water restores to the beautiful, translucent, blue color that it once was.

    Company Webpage

  • Pigmentation Confrontation (Instructor's recommendation)

    By 11Bots

    Pigmentation Confrontation is a two-player tower attack-and-defend game. With a gray cityscape just beyond the horizon, our game sets the scene for a friendly competition between two artists looking to bring color back to their urban surroundings. Using a blend of strategy and skill, players will throw various types of paint through the sky, battling to cover their opponent’s tower with the color of their choosing.

    Company Webpage

2017 Spring: Primitives

  • The Caveman Game (Game of the Year)

    By Prehistoric Studios

    The Caveman Game is a highly interactive game that pits two players against each other.  This fast-paced game offers a new level of competition that challenges the competitor’s speed, accuracy, and strategic thinking.

    Company Webpage

  • Dungeon Dash (Honorable Mention)

    By Tri-Hard Games

    Dungeon Dash is an interactive racing game where you and a friend can create your maze and sabotage each other in order to win a race uniquely designed by both of you.

    Company Webpage

  • Alien Explorer (Honorable Mention)

    By Horizon Games Co.

    This is our first game Alien Explorer! Our alien friend likes to explore space and earth. While traveling, he searches for portals which transport him back and forth between the two! Keep him alive on his adventures by helping him avoid all the dangerous obstacles he comes across.

    Company Webpage

2015 Spring: a Touch-enabled Game on a Large-display

  • Bubble Befuddle (Game of the Year)

    By Bubble Befudle Inc.

    Bubble Befuddle is brought to you by a unique design team whose members bring a variety of skills to the table. The main goal as a team is creating a simple, addictive, and FUN game that players find to be intuitive. The members split up into committees that handle advertisement, documentation, graphics, functionality, debugging, and concept themes. Constantly in development is the consistency of the theme incorporated into the final product.

    Company Webpage

  • Doodle Gibs (Honorable Mention)

    By Doodle Gibs

    Our first production is a self-titled and ridiculously fun game. Designed for a wall-sized touch screen, Doodle Gibs immerses 2-4 players in a doodle themed battle. Doodle Gibs is a unique and non-traditional Real Time Strategy (RTS) game that provides hours of fun for both players and spectators.

    Company Webpage

  • Drag of Die (Honorable Mention)

    By Tower Inc.

    Drag or Die is a real-time strategy game where the player has to stop the enemy from destroying the base tower. The player can build multiple towers to protect the base tower and all the towers have varieties of power. When the enemy dies the player can earn money and upgrade the towers. The Player has the choice to position the tower strategically to defeat the enemy.

    Company Webpage