Featured Research & Project

As a media artist and computer scientist, I have participated in many interesting projects over time. Here are some of the selected projects I have worked on. Art.Media.Tech are the areas where most of my primary interests sit in. Please click on each image to see detailed web pages.

The Reminiscence 2022 – The Monologues of Being Seen

Nov 2022 White Box Gallery @ Connecticut College By James Lee, Andrea Baldwin, and Heidi Henderson   The Reminiscence – […]

The Reminiscence – A Story at Connecticut College

Feb 2018 White Box Gallery & Gallery 66 @ Connecticut College By James Lee, Andrea Baldwin, and Heidi Henderson   […]

May I help you? An avatar health concierge for HIV-infected African American MSM

August 2017 By Mark Dworkin and James Lee NIH funded project (1R21NR016420-01) This research project aims to improve the proportion […]

CS Interactive Display Board

April 2017 By James Lee and Jamie Drayton ’17   The goal of our research is to present the accomplishments […]

Visualization Wall 2014

Jul 2014 Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality Laboratory (CGVRL) Computer Science, Connecticut College   1. Introduction The Visualization Wall is […]

Project LifeLike

Project LifeLike is a collaborative research project funded by the National Science Foundation from 2007. It aims to create a […]

Mr. P

“Mr. Pumplkin” is a 1/10 scale plastic figure inspired by “Garageband” project. The guitarist singer in the former project is […]


In collaboration with Hyejung Hur and Don Olmstead, “Garageband” is a short computer animation created using Autodesk Maya and MotionBuilder […]

Motion Viewer

“Motion Viewer” is a small low burst motion playback and retarget utility software for Vicon motion data. MotionViewer supports a […]

Shall We Dance?

“Shall We Dance?” is a short computer animation inspired by the concept of the living toy after hours from Toy […]


“PAN” is an interactive visual installation that facilitates collaborative performance. It provides a space for delightful activities that invites the […]


“3.D.UO. PAD” is an interactive 3D sketchpad. In immersive 3D display systems such as CAVE™ (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) or […]

Bouncing Space

“BOUNCING SPACE” aims to create the relationship between the concept of sound and motion. From our expectation, moving objects usually […]