We often see many interesting ideas about our future world in movies, novels, and other articles from creative thinkers and visionaries. Sometimes those creative prediction does not happen in time as they described in the original stories. Film makers and novelist may overly optimistic about advances of our future technologies. On the other hand, we observed many opposite cases too, overly pessimistic too. All the bad things caused by too intelligent computer systems.

Watching sci-fi movies and reading such stories is one of my favorite hobbies. I love my lab’s sci-fi Friday event where we watch many such movies and videos with respect to our future technologies. You can find some information of this event hosted by my advisor, Andrew Johnson, here.

One of futuristic video we watched last year is Microsoft version of Future Vision. It was very well polished work. Considering lots of recent advance in technologies, this seems very feasible. Not sure how long it would take to realize this new computing environments though. Below is youtube video of it.

Isn’t that cool? There are also some of impractical examples in this video however, personalized and ubiquitous computing environments seems likely happen in our life soon. I really hope to see this coming not to late. 🙂

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  1. Jungmin Lee

    It is an excellent posting. It’s already the end of March (will coming soon…)… No more posting? Hehe!!!

    • James

      Well, I am working on more postings. Coming soon!

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