This is the one of the most regarded Canon portrait lens. It is the fastest prime lens in current Canon EF lens line-up. I remember when I saw its first generation almost 20 years ago however, never had a chance to play with it.

Although I already have another very good portrait lens, EF 135mm F/2.0, I was very curious about this one. Simply want to take some pictures with this glass. Luckily, I had Canon Professional Service (CPS) membership and I can loan their equipments for 2 weeks without paying anything. In fact, I have to pay return shipping cost. ­čÖé

Finally I decided to try this one out. Unfortunately I was somewhat busy to do other stuff during this loan period and only had two days to take picture with it.

Here are some pictures taken with this lens. Subject in the most of them is my wife, Judy.










This lens produces really beautiful images. With such wide open aperture bokeh is just awesome.

Some people complains its slow focusing speed but it seems ok to me. Sure, it is slower than most of EF lenses in terms of focusing speed.

This lens became number one wish list item for the future.

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