Processing Chicago initiated Spiral5PTL ReCode project early this month. Spiral5PTL was a electronic media performance art work by Dan Sandin, Tom DeFanti, and Mimi Shevitz in 1979. It was in the very early era of real-time 3D graphics.
Here you can see what it looks like.

That’s very interesting and esthetic piece of work. Visualization is driven by very simple spiral logic code and many external analog controls used to manipulate its parameters along with audio.

You can watch Dan’s talk at Processing Chicago meet up (2/04/2013) from YouTube.

After the meeting, a few friends started to write processing sketch to implement core spiral logic code right away. That’s the beauty of processing environments.

I also stated to think about how to implement old vector display’s slow refresh effects. The first idea was to use accumulated blur effect with some color manipulation. I made a few shader code to do this job. Here it is.

You can find this project site on GitHub (

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