Nausicaa is one of very famous Anime by Studio Ghibli. I believe its English title is the Valley of the Wind.

I Was able to spend some time during winter break to build one of my favorite Anime figures. I got this scale model from a sister-in-law as Christmas gift this year.

Since this model kit does not have many parts, it was quite easy to build. However, I decided to go further with painting and custom diorama style terrain base. Unfortunately I didn’t take many photos while I was building & painting…

Here is one picture showing base before adding fillers and paintings. It is just bare styrofoam and some small rocks. This site was very helpful to learn how to build rocky base for scale model. (


Then, the next pictures are the final result.

IMG_3159 IMG_3162

3 Responses to “Nausicaa Ohmu”

  1. noah

    this looks so amazing. nausicaa’s clothing looks almost watercolored how did you get that effect? i’m going to be starting a model of her soon and would love to to get a simular feel. yours reminds me of miyazaki’s paintings of her.

    • Sangyoon Lee

      thanks noah for kind words. I am also quite a beginner as far as painting concerns. I used water-based acrylic colors for this model. Several coats of base colors, wash, and re-touch for highlights. I am sure you can make yours better than mine. Good luck with your model!

  2. noah

    oh nice, thanks james! i was thinking about trying out some acrylic paints, now i definitely will. hopefully i wont booger mine up too bad, haven’t made a model in a very very long time.

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