April 2017
By James Lee and Jamie Drayton ’17


The goal of our research is to present the accomplishments of Computer Science majors at Connecticut College to prospective students and prospective majors. The system is designed for a 55″ interactive display board that will be installed on the 2nd floor of New London Hall (in a hallway that all tours pass by). The system for the display is created with a focus on usability and the featured projects that students have pursued in recent years. After creating a proof of concept, two Art majors (Greg Montenegro ’18 and Alana Wimer ’18) joined the project to assist with usability and graphic design. The cross-disciplinary nature of this project across the Art and Computer Science departments drastically improved the result of the Interactive Display Board. This project exemplifies the value of a liberal arts approach. The system was designed in the Unity Game Design Engine with the NGUI and Universal Media Player add-on packages.


The Demo Video

The project report here


The opening event with the Present, Katherine Bergeron

In April 2017, we officially deployed the system on the second floor of New London Hall. We were fortunate enough to have our President cut the ribbon for this opening event. Following photos show our opening event on April 26, 2017.



This work is funded by Diane Y. William ’59. We appreciate her generous gift for this project. We also thank two art major students, Greg Montenegro ’18 and Alana Wimer ’18, who helped us to create the aesthetically pleasing look of the application.